Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congratulations to Ben and Obi (Formerly Maurice)

Ben and Obi (formerly Maurice), the last two babies, went to their new home last night! I am so excited for them - they got a great set of kitty parents! Matt and Meghan were super excited to take them home. They came prepared with the cutest little collars for the boys - complete with jingle bells and name tags. Meghan even MADE one of the collars! I was so impressed. It was adorable. She said she couldn't find a second collar that she liked so she "just cut another collar and sewed some ribbon on it." She said it just like that - like it was super easy. I get the feeling that Meghan is awesomely crafty.

When I got to work this morning, I got the most wonderful surprise! I had a note and some pictures waiting on me when I turned on my computer!

(matt and meghan with obi and ben)

(obi checking things out - he was a bit timid at first...even hid under the couch for a little while, but he came out after seeing ben roaming around. he is going to do just fine.)

(meghan said ben immediately took to his new surrounding and tried to play with everything in the house. this does not surprise us.)

I aso need to share updates that I got on the other three kittens! I will try to post again tomorrow night! It makes me happy to see that they are all so loved!


  1. This is so awesome I am happy they found a nice Couple named Ginger and Christopher who shared their new home with them until they could find new parents and did not end up in Kitty Heaven.

  2. Ginger! They are so cute...Matt pointed me this way so i could see exactly what I was jealous of and they are cuter than I imagined. You must love doing this! How perfect : ) MooMoo wants a kitten but her Daddy still says no. : (