Friday, April 15, 2011


Ginger and I had a chat this afternoon. She explained to me what “fostering” means. It means that she and Christopher are going to take really good care of us until someone else comes along that will adopt one or more of us and give us a home forever. She says that not all cats live in a bathroom and that I will be pretty happy to have a bigger space to play. You know, I’m pretty young and I still have some play in me. She talked about watching birds from windows and finding sunny spots on the carpet…and then following them when they move. She talked about learning the sound of a can opener and chasing moving toes under warm, cuddly blankets.

I like Ginger and Christopher, but I think I am excited for my kittens and I to find our new homes.


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  1. ginger is a pretty cool cat herself. you should know that she really, really likes you a lot. at work she's all "miss tuesday is so smart!", "miss tuesday is so pretty!", "miss tuesday is such a good little mom", "miss tuesday is so sweet!". honestly, you have this girl eating out of the palm of your hand!!