Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's in a name? That which we call a kitten by any other name would be as cute.

You guys should see Ginger. She’s got herself quite worked up. She really wants to give my kittens names, but she doesn’t know if they are boys or girls. I tried to let her know it was okay; I know each of them and I love them with or without formal names!

(this one is my little butterball. always hungry but super sweet and always willing to take a belly rub! all that eating must be paying off in strength - this was the first one to try to start walking yesterday!)

(this is the one you saw a few days ago - last to open those little eyes!)

(this kit and the one before look an awful lot alike! it is a little hard to tell them apart sometimes, but they have their differences. this one has a fluffier, larger tail and is just a smidge darker)

(this kitty likes to curl up near my back legs. such a pretty color - sometimes hard to tell if the fur is black, charcoal or chocolate brown. you can also see a little white starting to peek out on the front paws.)

(this baby has such a cute little face, but was being a little shy for this picture. such pretty white fur around the inside of the ears!)


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  1. It's funny Miss Tuesday, I would have sworn Ginger didn't like cats. You must have mellowed her out ;)