Friday, July 8, 2011


I just got this picture from Matt - isn't it the cutest???

(what sweet little boys!)

A few days after Ben and Obi went home, I got an email from Meghan. In the preview, all I saw was "Hi Ginger, Unfortunately Obi isn't adjusting very well..." My heart just sank! But don't worry! They weren't giving up! Meghan said that he acted pretty scared and hid under the couch a lot. She just wanted to know if he did this at our house. Well...he lived in a bathroom when he was with us so there wasn't a whole lot of room for shyness, but he always was the most reserved. Meghan figured he just needed a little time to adjust, and I figured she was right.

Wasn't I excited the next week when I got this email a week later:

Hey Ginger-

So much has changed in the past week! On Friday we noticed that by the end of an evening that Obi was relaxing and playing much more so we decided not to put the boys back into the bathroom for overnight- and then the next day being Saturday the boys were out all day. The "old" shy Obi was gone by nightfall! I wouldn't say he was as crazy as Ben but he is now playing and snuggling with us on a regular basis. :)

"No Ben" has probably become the most used phrase in our household. Everything and anything that he is NOT supposed to get into- he is. But he is making us laugh constantly. I can't count the number of times he has fallen off the sofa/toy because he gets distracted by something across the room.

Both boys have become super loud purr-ers but their voice box still needs some working on as their meows are still very sad and scratchy sounding.

I attached a picture that Matt caught earlier in the week that I thought was super cute- the boys look like they are hugging each other (I actually think they both might still have ear mites cause they are always digging at each others ears- they go back to the vet next week)

Until next time!


(this was the attached pic - labeled "brotherly love")

And, geesh! Those darn eat mites! Hopefully the vet got rid of those!

What a great update!

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  1. Awesome update. I'm a big fan of Revolution for kittens & not just because I used to work for Pfizer. It's a miracle drug!