Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Shots

I had to go to the AARF House this evening to get my second round of distemper shots. Ginger came home from work, put me in that awful carrier and then took me down the stairs. That tiny little animal they call Leroy (or is it just a really large rodent...I just can't tell...) was crying and I guess Ginger felt like she should comfort it. She put me on the table so that my friend Buster couldn't get to me (they try to keep us separated, but we talk and hold hands under the crack at the bottom of the door all the time). Ginger sat down with Leroy for a minute and when she turned around, this is what she found:

That Buster. He's just so funny.

Anyway - we got in the car (I HATE the car!) and went over to AARF. We had to wait a really long time this time. Ginger said she left the car running the whole time for me so that I wouldn't cook once we got back in the car. YIKES! I'm glad she did that! I'm also glad the car was still there when we got back out. That would have been most unfortunate to have had to walk back home.

I'm two-thirds of the way done with my distemper shots now. At least I think I am anyway. Surely there are no more than three rounds of shots; that would be preposterous. This last shot wasn't so hot. It really hurt me!

While we were there, Ginger also talked to someone about getting me "fixed." I don't know what this means; I'm not broken! Whatever it means, I think it's going to happen soon. I hope I won't have to get back in the car to do it, but I have a feeling I will. I would feel a whole lot better about all of this if I at least knew I had a home to go to... Doesn't someone want to adopt me? I really am charming. Let me prove it to you!


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