Friday, May 6, 2011

Behind the Names

I thought I would give Tuesday a break from blogging for a night. Lots of people have asked about the kittens’ names. I really did put a lot of thought into them; here are their stories.

Miss. Tuesday: I volunteer at Forsyth County Animal Control every Tuesday after work. I met the sweet and charming Miss Tuesday on a Tuesday and received permission to foster her and her wonderful kittens on a Tuesday. It only seemed appropriate.

Cole: I’m going in alphabetical order here, so Cole comes first, but he was really the hardest to name. I was convinced that at least one of the cats had to be a girl and I thought it might end up being Cole. Cole would have been Alley (cat) had he been a girl. But since he wasn’t, I went between “Coal” and “Bleu.” I ended up going with Cole, which was an original option for Gentle Ben (being a “coal” color and all). I still liked the name so I changed “Coal” to “Cole.”

Earl: Earl GREY Tea, of course! (Additionally, I thought perhaps my friend, Brianna Earle might want a cat named Earl Earle, but I don’t think she took the bait.)

Gentle Ben: Every time I looked at Gentle Ben, I couldn’t help but think how much he looked like a tiny little bear. Perhaps a miniature version of Gentle Ben.

Grey Oliver: Cutest, funniest story here. (Megan – feel free to correct me if I have anything incorrect.) Before I get too into this story, know that my friend Megan’s father has a strong southern accent. Megan’s parents had a cat for the longest time. An indoor/outdoor cat named Lila. She was an only cat, and rightfully spoiled, until some strays started to come along.

Megan’s mom started to feed them and then her parents did an amazingly responsible and kind thing by trapping the cats, getting them fixed and getting their rabies shots. The cats became friendly and kind of like pets.

Then it got cold. Megan’s mom wanted to bring them in, but her dad said they didn’t need to come in. They came to an agreement that the cats could go directly from outside to the basement at night. Slowly, that turned into “the cats can walk themselves to the basement” and then “the cats can stop in the kitchen for a quick snack on the way to the basement.” Today those cats are living the sweet life with Lila; sitting on laps and curling up in recliners.

Anyway – not too long ago a new cat wandered up. Megan had a conversation with her dad that somewhat followed these lines:

Megan: What does the new cat look like?
Dad: It’s grey Oliver.
(Megan’s parents have a cat named Oliver)
Megan: Oh – so it’s like Oliver only grey?
Dad: No – it’s grey Oliver.
Megan: You named another cat Oliver?
Dad: No! It’s grey Oliver!
Megan: ….So….like Oliver?
Dad: No – I’m telling you it’s grey Oliver!
Megan: Uhm….
Megan: Wait – are you saying it’s grey all over?
Dad: That’s what I’ve been telling you – it’s grey Oliver!

Best. Story. Ever. How could I not name the most grey all over cat “Grey Oliver”?

Maurice: A looong time ago, my mother and I saw a big, fluffy white stuffed polar bear in some store and she commented on how cute she thought it was. A few weeks later, some gift-giving occasion was upon us (I think Mom’s birthday) and I decided to get the bear for my mom. She named it Maurice. This Maurice doesn’t really look like that Maurice, but I always think of something fluffy, soft and cute when I hear that name. And besides – a cat named Maurice? CUTE!

Even though I put a lot of thought into their names, I in no way expect their new parents to keep these names. I would only expect that they would also want to put a lot of thought into a name that means something to them. So, please – adopt! Change names! It will be wonderful!


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