Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We've made a change in the kitten set up! Sunday morning Ginger walked in the bathroom and all five kittens were out of the bathtub and walking around the floor. What climbers! She laughed and thought it was pretty cute, but she did not think it was so cute when it became apparent that the kittens couldn't get back in the tub to use the litter box. Little puddle on the floor...oops. Anyway - the kittens PLUS litter box are now out of the tub and I have my private space IN the tub. It's a bit of a move up for me, I think. It's a move up for the kittens as well because now they get much more exercise and get to share this awesome bed that Ginger left for me. It wasn't really my style, but the kittens love it!

(left to right, across the top: grey oliver, gentle ben, maurice, earl; on the bottom: cole)


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  1. It's hard to really see in the picture but I think Maurice might be my favorite!