Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Four Weeks

The kittens are about four and a half weeks old now. They are getting cuter and cuter every day because they are developing their own cute, little personalities.

(cole is sweet and quite calm. he likes to sit in laps and play with his brothers.)

(gentle ben is the quietest of the five. even though he spends a lot of time sleeping, he shows plenty of love.)

(earl with a little gentle ben. earl is a sweet kitty and likes to be held, but he's a wee bit afraid of heights. he cries every time someone picks him up, though he is just fine once he is steady on a lap or shoulder.)

(grey oliver is very curious. he's the smallest, but he's quite smart! i believe he might have been the first to start using the litter box.)

(maurice is very pretty with beautiful markings. he's very easy-going and friends with everyone!)

Thanks for taking a look at my babies. And don't forget that I'm looking for a home too! I wasn't a lap cat when I came to Ginger and Christopher's house, but I'm definitely starting to warm to the idea. I love to give Ginger head-butts and snuggle right under her chin. I'm pretty much always purring and I get along with everyone!



  1. Oh my gosh, I want to take Gentle Ben home with me right now : )

  2. i think they got their father's eyes! you sure do make some pretty babies tuesday!!!

  3. I do love Maurice! I showed him to Jon this morning. No luck so far.