Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gentle Ben and Maurice

Gentle Ben and Maurice have found a great home with a wonderful couple in Kernersville. M&M are going to love these two kitties! Gentle Ben and Maurice won't be ready to leave Mom until the first week in June, but they are looking forward to joining their new family.

(why are they in the sink, you may ask? they are too rambunctious to get a picture of just the two of them together, both semi-looking at the camera!)

(gentle ben has been chowing down on some dry food! i am so proud of him. these two pictures are so funny!)

(maurice poses for the picture!)

Gentle Ben is the rowdiest of the crew and Maurice is the most calm. I think they will make a good pair - they can even each other out!



  1. We are so excited about these little fellas!

    After a good bit of thought we will be calling Gentle Ben- Benjamin Watson "Ben". Maurice we are going to be calling Obahiah Jackson "Obi" though. Ben is a boys name that I like but Matt doesnt; And Obadiah is a boys name that Im not a huge fan of- so we settled on calling our first furry kids them. (Hopefully Miss Tuesday will not find this offensive!)

    Thanks for being such a great foster mom!!

  2. Oh, those are great kitty names! How sophisticated! I love them and I'm sure Miss. Tuesday will approve. ;-)

    Thank you for sharing!